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S.No -> 1
Agent_code -> 1351
Branch -> BG
palmtec_id -> BG10
min_rec -> BG10000058
max_rec -> BG10000068
Last_billed -> 16-02-2016

I want to subtract 68-58 and store in third column

for ex: 68-58 =10

What I have tried:

I had tried (max_rec - min_rec) nut it doesnt subtract varchar there a way ti split the values and subtract ...can anyone help me out..thanks in advance
Updated 14-Mar-16 21:19pm
CHill60 14-Mar-16 9:56am
Instead of storing palmtec_id as part of min_rec and max_rec just do that bit in your presentation layer. Min_rec and max_rec then become integers and your subtraction becomes trivial.
By normalising your table you will also save on storage

SELECT CAST(REPLACE(max_rec, BRANCH, '') as INT) - CAST(REPLACE(min_rec, BRANCH, '') as INT)
select CAST(Right(@max_rec ,2) as int) - CAST(Right(min_rec ,2) as int)
Herman<T>.Instance 14-Mar-16 6:25am
What if the 2 digit must represent a number > 100?
AnantPithadiya 14-Mar-16 6:29am
select CAST(right(max_rec ,8) as int) - CAST(Right(min_rec ,8) as int)
Herman<T>.Instance 14-Mar-16 8:07am
NOPE. See my solution. BG10 in branchcode. I take that out.Remainder is INT.
alia007 15-Mar-16 3:53am
That works perfectly!!! Thanks a lot
Try this
SELECT (RIGHT(max_rec,2) - RIGHT(min_rec,2)) FROM table_name;
Herman<T>.Instance 14-Mar-16 6:26am
What if the 2 digit must represent a number > 100?
alia007 15-Mar-16 3:07am
SELECT (cast(RIGHT(max(Receipt_number),4) as integer)- cast(RIGHT(min(Receipt_number),4) as integer))
because I had split Receipt_number column as two columns min_rec and max_rec...henceforth this worked out

I got exact result as expected after using ths...
alia007 15-Mar-16 3:20am
thanks for all.. who helped me out !!!

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