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I need to develop a dynamic stored procedure to search for an item into table columns

I have developed a Static SQL Stored Procedure.
It is as follows:

CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[spUserInfo_SearchSp]
    @SearchItem varchar(50),<pre></pre>
    @SearchBy varchar(50)
        UserName, FirstName, LastName, EmailId, IsActive
    From UserInfo
       (@SearchBy='UserName' AND UserName like '%'+@SearchItem+'%')
    OR (@SearchBy='FirstName' AND  FirstName like '%'+@SearchItem+'%')
    OR (@SearchBy='LastName' AND LastName like '%'+@SearchItem+'%')
    OR (@SearchBy='EmailId' AND EmailId like '%'+@SearchItem+'%');

It works just fine.
But I need the same thing be done with Dynamic SQL.
Can anybody help me with this?

I don't get it. You already have a Stored Procedure in place. It takes couple of input parameters in order to return back some data.

What you need now is simply give these input parameters a value at runtime through your code and call this stored procedure.

I don't think you need to create a dynamic stored procedure for your requirement. A static one with different parameter values is all you need.
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Hello Sandeep,
Thanks for ur reply.

But I want to use dynamic SQL here.
As I m learning dynamic SQL, I can't find way how to do it?
Can u help me to achive it?
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