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I want this piece of code to display the current pick date in the date picker but it won't but it display all the transaction if I choose the other check box but when I want to choose the bydate checkbox it won't display the current pick date can anyone help me with this please :D
ElseIf Me.ListBox1.Text = "Stock - IN" Then
          If Me.chkAll.CheckState = CheckState.Checked Then
              xSQL = "SELECT * FROM po"
              xSQL = "SELECT * FROM po WHERE PODate>" & "#" & Format(Me.dtFrom.Value, "MM/dd/yyyy") & "#" & "" & _
                  " AND PODate<" & "#" & Format(Me.dtTo.Value, "MM/dd/yyyy") & "#" & ";"
          End If
          If frmMain.PrintPO(xSQL) = True Then
              frmReportViewer.strReport = "PO"
          End If
      ElseIf Me.ListBox1.Text = "Stock - OUT" Then
          If Me.chkAll.CheckState = CheckState.Checked Then
              xSQL = "SELECT * FROM sales"
              xSQL = "SELECT * FROM sales WHERE SalesDate>" & "#" & Format(Me.dtFrom.Value, "MM/dd/yyyy") & "#" & "" & _
                  " AND SalesDate<" & "#" & Format(Me.dtTo.Value, "MM/dd/yyyy") & "#" & ";"
          End If
Updated 10-Sep-10 7:08am
Sandeep Mewara 10-Sep-10 12:08pm    
Formatted your code piece(use PRE tags for that), couldn't get what you were trying to ask.

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A couple of things;

1) I have been troubled with dates in the past when working with SQL queries, so I always past dates in like '2010-Sep-10'

2) I notice in the SQL text you are adding a "" to the right?

Have you dumped the SQLtext to the output window to see exactly what the query text looks like?

I would write the statement above as;

xSQL = "SELECT * FROM sales WHERE SalesDate > '" & Format(Me.dtFromValue, "yyyy-MMM-dd") & "' AND SalesDate < '" & Format(Me.dtTo.Value, "yyyy-MMM-dd") & "';"

Also, you may want to look at creating paramaterised queries.
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