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Im making a Text adventure in Html and javascript. I have almost everything I need for it except a way for you to scroll down on the web page while playing.

var start = function(){//The opening room
		while(choice != "door" || "window") {
			document.write("<p>There's a door north of which you sit, south is a small window with a slight breeze coming through</p>");
			document.write("<p> inspect 'door'  inspect 'window'</p>");
			var choice = window.prompt("door or window");
			if(choice == "door"){
				document.write("<p>You stand up, aching in your joints you grunt. Inspecting the door you see, what seems to be, a large iron grated cell door? ''Why would I be in a cell?'' you think to yourself.</p>")
			}else if(choice == "window"){
				document.write("<p>You stand up, aching in your joints you grunt. Inspecting the window</p>");
			}else {
				document.write("<p>Please type the choices as shown</p>");

Im trying to put a button in this so before it starts it asks "click to continue" but I can't use confirm or anything because I need then to be able to scroll down. Or If I can make the prompt boxes or confirm boxes not block use of the browser.

This script is being called in the html so it I know it works, just need to let it pause or something somehow

What I have tried:

I've tryed many things but I dont think it was even close to what I need. Ive tried the button click me in both Html and java and have searched the w3schools website extensively.
Updated 30-Mar-16 15:49pm

1 solution

for scrolling down to the page when the content is filled on the page
use window.scrollTo[^]at the end of your javascript function
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