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I need to create a program that gets information on a text file and using regular expression is the best way to do this. The information I want to pull has a format.

##@@@ - this is fixed and I can do this.
##@@@[####][@@] - the character enclosed with [] is optional and i don't know how to create a regular expression on that.

please help thanks.

What I have tried:

[0-9]{2}[A-Za-z]{3} for ##@@@
Updated 31-Mar-16 7:49am

Read RegEx documentation
perlre -[^]
And use this RegEx debugger to experiment: there is a textboc where you can paste text and you which part match.
Debuggex: Online visual regex tester. JavaScript, Python, and PCRE.[^]
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parthgoswami 31-Mar-16 13:50pm    
Patrice T 31-Mar-16 13:57pm    
no need to copy your solution as comment.
hansoctantan 31-Mar-16 14:48pm    
I use this debugger and it gives me error
Patrice T 31-Mar-16 14:53pm    
gives error on what ?
hansoctantan 31-Mar-16 14:57pm    
nevermind. got an idea with that regex. thanks a lot

try this
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Patrice T 31-Mar-16 15:00pm    
This RegEx is weird for the least if not simply buggy.

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