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I'm having this problem, where I have this const char * Decrypted_Message2 that contains a certificate, browser nonce, and a Server Nonce (Separated by a delimiter ,).
I have this function that split them individually, using the delimiter "," character. And I want to retrieve the second and third items into the Array.
At first it works fine and I get the browser nonce, which is called "Recovered_Browser_Nonce_from_Message2 ". But then when I call the split function again to get the server nonce "Recovered_Server_Nonce_from_Message2", I find that the "Decrypted_Message" is empty!!!!!!

const char * Decrypted_Message2 = Decrypt_Message2(encrypted_message2, Shared_Session_Key_C );
	cout<<"\n\nDECRYPTED MESSAGE2 {S,nb,ns}:  "<<Decrypted_Message2;

const char * Recovered_Browser_Nonce_from_Message2 = Split_Server_Message2(Decrypted_Message2, true);
	cout<<"\n\ndecrypted message2:"<<Decrypted_Message2; //HERE IS WHERE I FIND IT EMPTY

const char * Recovered_Server_Nonce_from_Message2 = Split_Server_Message2(Decrypted_Message2, false);
	 cout<<"\nRECOVERED SERVER NONCE:  "<<Recovered_Server_Nonce_from_Message2;

the following is the split function:

const char * Client_Side::Split_Server_Message2(CkString Recieved_Message2_from_Server, bool flag)
	const char * Recovered_nb = "";
	const char * Recovered_ns = "";
	bool exceptDoubleQuoted = true;
	bool exceptEscaped = true;	// Do not treat characters preceded with a backslash as a delimiter.
	bool keepEmpty = false;	// Do not keep empty fields.
	char delimiter = ',';

	CkStringArray *array = Recieved_Message2_from_Server.split(delimiter,exceptDoubleQuoted,exceptEscaped,keepEmpty);

	if(flag == true)
	   for (int i=0; i<array->get_Count(); i++)
		  //printf("%d: [%s]\n",i,array->getString(i));
		  Recovered_nb =  array->getString(1);  //Browser Nonce (nb)
	   return Recovered_nb;

		  for (int j=0; j<array->get_Count(); j++)
		  //printf("%d: [%s]\n",j,array->getString(j));
		  Recovered_ns =  array->getString(2);     //Server Nonce (ns);
		return Recovered_ns;


I've been struggling with this issue for two whole days now, and I cant seem to find the problem!!!!
Can someone please help me with this.


What I have tried:

1- I've tried copying the "Decrypted_Message2" into another string, it didn't work either.
I even tried writing another "split" function, only to retrieve the third item, but it didn't work.
Updated 31-Mar-16 21:18pm

1 solution

I don't know why the string becomes empty. A probable reason may be a stack corruption but I don't see one in your code.

But I suggest to change the split code because there is no need to call the split function multiple times and - more important - it contains a memory leak.

The CkString::split function returns a CkStringArray that has been allocated using new but is never deleted in your code. See CkString::split[^]:
Note: The application is responsible for deleting (via the C++ delete operator) the object returned by this method.

Try this code instead which does not use an additional split function (I have used short variable names here):
// Copy message to a CkString.
CkString msg;
// Split it.
CkStringArray *array = msg.split(',', true, true, false);
// Get pointers to items checking if they exist.
//const char *cert = array->GetCount() > 0 ? array->GetString(0) : "";
const char *nb = array->GetCount() > 1 ? array->GetString(1) : "";
const char *ns = array->GetCount() > 2 ? array->GetString(2) : "";
// Use [cert,] nb, and ns here

// Delete array when finished using it.
delete array;
raniam 1-Apr-16 10:28am
Thank you so much.
it worked.
you've been very helpful.

Best regards.
Jochen Arndt 1-Apr-16 10:41am
Thank you for your feedback and accepting the solution.

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