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I have a visual studio online repo (TFS) that I use for my "CQRS on Azure" stuff but folks are looking for a GitHub version so they can contribute - is it possible to set something up to keep them both in sync?

I want to keep the "fast ring" on TFS but push to GitHub as a build step on a successful build.

What I have tried:

Looked on google - didn't understand any of the potential suggestions. Maybe this is not possible or not sensible?
Updated 5-Aug-16 5:32am

One of these two Revision Control systems has nothing to do with another one.

Therefore, to sync them, update code from one of the repositories and commit updated code to another one. That's all.

In a way, this is sensible but cannot be considered as a part of any reasonable development workflow. It can even be considered as defeat of the purpose of Revision Control systems. Practically, it could be just a workflow noise which creates no value at all, only introduces additional source of human-generated errors.

Get rid of it. Pick one of the systems and conduct your development using it. If you asked me on the choice, I would always advise to use open-source solution. If you already using github, switching to git would give you double benefits. First, you would resort to purely open-source system, very popular, constantly peer-reviewed and improved, and hence very reliable; at the same time, you will have identical system for internal development and github. You won't need to install much; the system is extremely lightweight. Or, as an option, base all your development exclusively on github itself, if you find dependency on this resource acceptable.

If you want added reliability, add backup, not of any project code, but of the code database itself.

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Have a look at git-tfs[^] which seems like a reasonable way to keep two repo's on the different plaforms in sync. It's not that hard to setup and use.
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