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i have created a gridview with all the columns being dynamically created. i want to read some controls on postback. but none of the controls that are dynamically created are being recognised. i cant not use page init as the gridview is loaded based on some filters and the filters keep changing from time to time.

I would like to the the way in which i can refer to the dynamically created controls on postback of the page.

What I have tried:

this is the link which i followed for creating an dynamic gridview.
How can I create a TemplateField and ItemTemplate with C# code | The ASP.NET Forums[^]
Updated 11-Apr-16 22:15pm
F-ES Sitecore 12-Apr-16 4:55am
Controls you create dynamically are not remembered on postback, so you'll have to create the controls again on postback to access their values.

1 solution

This is the tutorial about gridview

Pooja nag 12-Apr-16 5:27am
I have followed the solution given in the link attached in my question. i am creating a column of checkbox which i want to access on a button click, unfortunately these checkbox fields created dynamically are not being found by the row.FindControl("ceheckBoxId").
Beginner Luck 12-Apr-16 5:34am

Pooja nag 12-Apr-16 8:03am
This is the same that i am using but, find control return a null. I checked in many places, it says for dynamically created control the control is not saved across post back.
Beginner Luck 13-Apr-16 5:01am
you want create after post back?? can try use session
Pooja nag 13-Apr-16 5:26am
i want to access a checkbox created before postback. this control is being lost on postback.
Beginner Luck 13-Apr-16 5:35am
that why you need to use session

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