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Hi Community -

Does anyone know of any good articles or examples of adding different parts of an application by the user importing a different license key into a program?

Example: If I have a program that has a several features that can be used. The main part of the program will be up and running after the user bought the program, however, I want the user to only have access to the reporting tool if they bought the reporting tool add-on. So, if they did, I will send them a license for it and they can import it into the program to unlock this feature. There will be several features in the application that the user can unlock and each one will consist of purchasing a different license key made for that feature to unlock.

Is the LicenseManager class the best and only way to go with this?

I hope everyone is well and hope that someone can lead me in the right direction on how to do this.


What I have tried:

Tried learning LicenseManager class in C#
Updated 16-Apr-16 14:23pm

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There's nothing in the .NET Framework that does this for you. You have to either write this functionality yourself (bad idea!) or but a 3rd party component that does it. Your application would have to be written with this functionality and security in mind.

There are a bunch of products for this, here[^].
daveofgv 17-Apr-16 12:14pm
Thank you for the reply. I will look at third party products for this. I accepted your solution and will close this question.

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