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I am extremely new to coding (I have been researching my way into it for a week now) and my abilities extend as far as about 40 YouTube tutorials and the most simple text projects. I was wondering if anyone had any great resources i could access as far as reference, tutorials, or even any glimpse of direction as to where i should start. I have about 3 months before i start my first year of college which i hope to go for computer science / programming (switching from my first option of major which was Finance).

What I have tried:

I have been watched up to tutorial 35 of Buckys C++ Programming Tutorials on aswell as other various introductory tutorials.

On this page ^^ i have completed the "FizzBuzz" project in the Text category and one other so you can see how new I am to this.
Updated 19-Apr-16 19:11pm
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 19-Apr-16 23:00pm
You did not mention any platforms, and mentioned only one language, C++. The scope of programming is much, much wider that that, and the scope of you post is just not clear. And it's too hard to discuss anything seriously in just one or few Quick Answers. The manuals, references, books, study materials — it all should depend on what you study at the moment. And you should always look at a number of alternatives, to focus more on something which looks more suitable personally for you. But stay away from the usual fallacy: picking something which is easier. This way, it's too easy to miss the essence of things.

Anyway, I wish you the best of success.

Member 12471827 20-Apr-16 7:10am
Well I have no idea about all of my options, perhaps you have some information about the differences and specifications of different types of programming. For the moment i am only learning basic thing like this :
Are you going to learn on Youtube? Hm... It doesn't sound serious to me.

1 solution

My road map:
- read language documentation, do exercises, follow tutorials.
- Google is your friend.
- Abuse of Debugger to see what the code is doing step by step, it gives you an invaluable understanding of what is going on, inspect variables.
Debugger - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[^]
- Master Boolean Algebra, it is ubiquitous, Every time you test something, you use Boolean algebra.
- Master some analyse methods, Dijkstra Top-Down method is a good start.[^][^][^][^]
- Preferably, start with managed language like C#, Java, JavaScript or Visual Basic, avoid C and C++ at beginning.

Remember the exercises and little projects are not here to make something useful, they are here to teach you programming.

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