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Lexicographical minimal string--

Suppose I have two input strings 'JACK' and 'DENIAL'. Now as per the problem I want a lexicographical minimal string as an output like this (in python)--

But am getting, based on my code--

Am learning python and tried the below code..

What I have tried:

def string_comp(str1, str2):
    empty_str = ''
    for i in range(len(str1)):
        for j in range(len(str2)):
            if str1[i:] < str2[j:]:
                empty_str += str1[i]
                empty_str += str2[j]
    empty_str = empty_str[:-1]
    if i < (len(str1)):
        empty_str += str1[i: -1]
    if j < (len(str2)):
        empty_str += str2[j: -1]
    return empty_str

Kindly, correct me.
Updated 22-Apr-16 8:13am

1 solution

I think it is time for you to stop guessing what your code is doing. It is time to see your code executing and ensuring that it does what you expect.

The debugger is your friend. It will show you what your code is really doing.
Follow the execution step by step, inspect variables and you will see that there is a point where it stop doing what you expect.
Mastering Debugging in Visual Studio 2010 - A Beginner's Guide[^][^][^]

Run the program line by line, and see where and why it stops matching your expectations.
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