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hi all!!
I have wacom intuos pro.
How can I use two stylus on a screen, simultaneously? or
How can I have two mouse pointers on the screen, simultaneously?


What I have tried:

I see this page: Handling Multiple Mice with Raw Input[^]
Updated 25-Apr-16 17:25pm
[no name] 25-Apr-16 18:42pm    
Try it. Much easier and faster than posting here.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 25-Apr-16 19:58pm    
This is not how mouse and screen work. Two or more different devices handle the same mouse pointer. I never heard that it can be changed. And why?
Now, do you really have TabletPC? It should have it's own screen with stylus input; is so, why the separate Wacom Intuos? Or is it just TabletPC SDK? I'm just curious...
Philippe Mori 25-Apr-16 22:34pm    
And what is the problem with what you have tried (provided link)?

Is it that hard to write a bit more information on the problem you have. You don't really say whay you have tried. Reading some documentation is not really trying anything. And if it does not works, then you have to tell exactly what is not working. We cannot guess your problem with so little information.

First, the hardware has to support it.

Second, Windows does not support multiple mouse pointers itself. Your code CAN support multiple mice but your code has to handle all of the raw mouse messages coming from the drivers, handle all of the mouse position tracking, handle all of the mouse button states, and handle all of the mouse pointer drawing, and redrawing of content behind your fake mouse pointers when the pointers move.

No, I don't have an example and don't know of any.
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This question was asked on Stack overflow:
Multiple mouse cursors on Windows 7 - Stack Overflow[^]

One option is: Welcome to MultiPoint Mouse SDK[^]

You can download it here: Download Windows MultiPoint Mouse Software Development Kit 1.5.1 from Official Microsoft Download Center[^]

By the way, Microsoft Surface Hub does support multiple pens. This was shown at Build 2016.

Build 2016 | Channel 9[^]

Microsoft Surface Hub[^]
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Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 26-Apr-16 1:07am    
5ed; I did not know multiple mouse cursors are supported somewhere. Do you have an idea why anyone would need it? :-)
Philippe Mori 26-Apr-16 8:46am    
Well, on Microsoft Surface Hub, pens are identified thus when you collaborate on the board, each people might use their own colors and write at the same time. That might also be useful for school, 2 player games...
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 26-Apr-16 9:44am    
I see. Thank you, Philippe.

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