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Hi all, has anyone here installed vs 2015 Community edition ? I've tried and ended up with Blend for Visual Studio and nothing else, anyone got a link or hint as to how to install it ?

What I have tried:

Installing it and failing miserably
Updated 25-Apr-16 22:24pm

1 solution

Mine installed perfectly:
Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2015
Version 14.0.25123.00 Update 2
Microsoft .NET Framework
Version 4.6.01038

Installed Version: Community

Visual Basic 2015   00322-20000-00000-AA623
Microsoft Visual Basic 2015

Visual C# 2015   00322-20000-00000-AA623
Microsoft Visual C# 2015

Visual C++ 2015   00322-20000-00000-AA623
Microsoft Visual C++ 2015

Application Insights Tools for Visual Studio Package   5.2.60328.3
Application Insights Tools for Visual Studio

ASP.NET and Web Tools 2015.1 (Beta8)   14.1.11106.0
ASP.NET and Web Tools 2015.1 (Beta8)

ASP.NET Web Frameworks and Tools 2012.2   4.1.41102.0
For additional information, visit

ASP.NET Web Frameworks and Tools 2013   5.2.40314.0
For additional information, visit

Common Azure Tools   1.7
Provides common services for use by Azure Mobile Services and Microsoft Azure Tools.

JavaScript Language Service   2.0
JavaScript Language Service

JavaScript Project System   2.0
JavaScript Project System

Microsoft Azure Mobile Services Tools   1.4
Microsoft Azure Mobile Services Tools

NuGet Package Manager   3.4.0
NuGet Package Manager in Visual Studio. For more information about NuGet, visit

PreEmptive Analytics Visualizer   1.2
Microsoft Visual Studio extension to visualize aggregated summaries from the PreEmptive Analytics product.

SQL Server Data Tools   14.0.60311.1
Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools

TypeScript tools for Visual Studio
All I did was go to the MS link: Free Dev Tools - Visual Studio Community 2015[^], download it, and execute - took about a half hour or so (IIRC).
For reference, that's on Win 10 Home, 10.0.10586 Build 10586
What did you do differently?
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pkfox 26-Apr-16 3:30am    
I'm on Win 7 and just installed it as I have all other versions in the past - I'll have another go
OriginalGriff 26-Apr-16 3:42am    
Win 7 is on the "supported OS" list:
So that shouldn't be a problem (I can't believe anyone isn't on SP1 :laugh: )
pkfox 26-Apr-16 3:58am    
I'm on machine where I'm contracting but it is on SP1
pkfox 26-Apr-16 8:35am    
Worked with that link Griff thanks
OriginalGriff 26-Apr-16 8:41am    
You're welcome!

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