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Hi All,

I need to create Short Code (6 digit) for Email Confirmation using Asp.Net Identity.
Currently if I use "GenerateEmailConfirmationTokenAsync" it provides me with very long Code instead of this I want to generate a code which is only 6 digit in length.

Is there any way to achieve this how can I extend identity to provide such a feature. any leads towards this will be helpful.


What I have tried:

I have tried using GenerateEmailConfirmationToken method
Updated 30-Apr-16 23:20pm

1 solution

Use your own IUserTokenProvider[^] implementation to handle those tokens, and create six char long one, when purpose is 'Confirmation'...
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sagar wasule 1-May-16 6:11am    
Thanks Kornfeld. Could you please help me with how to integrate this custom Token Provider with the actual implementation
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 1-May-16 6:24am    
In your project (in IdentityConfig.cs) there is a line like this:
manager.UserTokenProvider = new DataProtectorTokenProvider<applicationuser>(dataProtectionProvider.Create("ASP.NET Identity"));
Replace DataProtectorTokenProvider with your class...

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