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so i want to know if i can make an array that i can enter to it how many numbers i want, then i want to print the numbers,so i can use them later to find how many times each number was reapeted ...(sorry for my english :/ )

What I have tried:

#include< >

(i still don't know if it is possible to do this with array :| )
Updated 1-May-16 13:12pm

1 solution

If you want an array of dynamic size you should look into the methods malloc() and calloc() defined in
<stdlib.h> and <malloc.h>

However, both these methods require a known size at initialization, so if you need to expand your array, realloc() would be useful.

You could start with a fixed length array and write the rest of your code first, like the duplicate finder and print function, and then switch to a dynamic array when you have every thing working.

int fixed_length[10];

// Allocates memory for 10 integers
int* dynamic_length = (int*)calloc(10, sizeof(int));

// Allocate space for 10 mor integers
dynamic_length = (int*)realloc(dynamic_length, 10 * sizeof(int));

// Don't forget to free the memory after usage
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[no name] 1-May-16 19:30pm    
thank you! unfortunatly i can use only , stdbool.h ,stdio.h,stdlib.h :( , maybe i am suposed to unswer the question without using array :\ ,
can i tell what my question is and you tell me if i have to use arrays or not ?
[no name] 1-May-16 20:00pm    
i guess no lol
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 1-May-16 20:10pm    
It's not "no" and not "yes". The whole question makes no sense. To use what for? There is no just "have to use" or not...
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 1-May-16 20:10pm    
George Jonsson 1-May-16 20:05pm    
Read my solution once more. alloc and calloc are located in stdlib.h, so you are in luck.
Check out C Library stdlib.h[^]

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