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I have a partial view with a form, when I am clicked on the submit button there is no validation error message.

This is what I have:
     @using (Html.BeginForm("GetPartialView", "Manage", FormMethod.Post, new {                                                      enctype="multipart/form-data", id = "LoginForm" }))
         <div class="form-group">
                        @Html.LabelFor(model => model.Isbn)
                        @Html.EditorFor(model => model.Isbn, new { htmlAttributes = new { @class = "form-control" } })
  <button id="loginButton" class="btn btn-common-small" type="button">Opret</button>

What I have tried:

I have tried this jquey.
jQuery(document).ready(function ($) {
$('#loginButton').click(function () {

type: "POST",
url: '@Url.Action("GetPartialView", "Manage")',
data: $('form').serialize(),
success: function (result) {
var form = $('#LoginForm');
if (result.redirectTo) {
window.location.href = result.redirectTo;
} else {
$("#LoginFormContainer").html(result);'validator', null);
error: function () {

But this is only work if I change the button type from submit to button, but then my fileupload wont work.

Updated 4-May-16 9:38am

1 solution

Your jQuery event handler is making an unconditional post, without validating the form first.

Try validating the form at the start of the handler:
$('#loginButton').click(function () {

    var $form = $('form');
    if (!$form.valid()){ return false; }

.validate() | jQuery Validation Plugin[^]
.valid() | jQuery Validation Plugin[^]
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Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 4-May-16 20:54pm    
I would add that if some really sensitive data should be posted, just client-side validation cannot be considered sufficient; and HTTP request bypassing JavaScript can be easily forged in no time.
ridoy 5-May-16 2:56am    
a 5.

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