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I have created one Simple Windows Form application and its setup file using InstallShield. Now on installation of exe file publisher name is Unknown. How can I change it or set another name instead of it????

What I have tried:

I have used this(URL : "") article but it didn't work for me.
Updated 7-May-16 1:18am
Richard MacCutchan 7-May-16 6:21am
but it didn't work for me.
Which, I am afraid, tells us nothing.
Jaimesh.2411 7-May-16 7:16am
As I described in my question, I need to set publisher name in setup file. I was tried one article which also defile in my Question. Do you have any Idea how to do this? Any Help?
First, could you explain why do you think your product needs installation?
If it needs it, the answer depends on what installation toolset you are using.
Jaimesh.2411 9-May-16 1:30am
Ok. Using Visual Studio 2012, I was created one windows form application. And Using InstallShield I created It's Setup file. Now While Installing This Setup in Windows 7 PC, It display:

The Publisher could not be verified. Are you Sure want to run this application?

Name : c:\User\Downloads\setup.exe
Publisher : Unknown Publisher.
Type : Application
From : c:\User\Downloads\setup.exe

Now, I want to change above things (Name :
Publisher : Word Publishers).
How can I do it????
InstallShield is quite bad and is not worth using. And VS "Setup" project template is also bad; Microsoft phased it out and discontinued, so it should not be used; it won't be supported. Both are not legitimate type of product; they are not compliant with MSBuild standard.

In contrast, WiX toolself perfectly satisfy all those criteria. With WiX, your problem is not a problem at all.

Jaimesh.2411 10-May-16 3:12am
What about Click One?
I have create setup using Click one and publish it on localhost. And also able to set Publisher Name. But when I try to install it on another pc then it display Unknown Publisher.

At this time i refer this link :Video Tutorial
Dave Kreskowiak 10-May-16 8:29am
OK, where did you get the certificate from?
Jaimesh.2411 10-May-16 8:40am
I have created certificate using this video tutorial(Tutorial Link). Its Easy to create. But when I install setup in another machine then it display "Unknown Publisher". Do you have any suggestion to solve this issue????
Dave Kreskowiak 10-May-16 8:44am
So you didn't buy a certificate from a trusted authority? Well, now you know why other machines won't trust you as a publisher. The certificate is trusted only by YOUR machine.

If you want other machines to trust you as a publisher you have to buy a certificate from a trusted authority and sign your assemblies and installers with it.
Jaimesh.2411 10-May-16 8:49am
Yes.. I got your point.. Thanks for your response. What about code security? How can I sure that my code will not decompile. How to secure code? And any suggestion about trusted authority to buy certificate?
Dave Kreskowiak 10-May-16 8:57am
You don't. .NET code can be obfuscated using any one of a number of tools out there but there is nothing that will stop someone from decompiling the code.

As for a certificate, there's quite a number of authorities out there, like Verisign, Thawte, GlobalSign, ... Just Google for "buy code signing certificate" and you'll come up with a bunch.
Jaimesh.2411 12-May-16 7:50am
Now I have one Code Signing Certificate and I want to add it in my Project Setup. How can I do It?

I have already created setup using InstallShield.

Or I have to go with ClickOnce instead of InstallShield?

Any Suggestion?

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