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I have a demo project in which i have rendered a menu dynamically from database using Entity data Model I have Add a Model into my Models Folder and in this model i have my menu table (id,parentId,title)
then i have made a menu controller like that
private TestEntities testEntities = new TestEntities();
public ActionResult Index()
ViewBag.MenuLevel1 = this.testEntities.Menus.Where(menu=>menu.ParentId==null ).ToList();
return View();

and in my View--->Menu--->index i have that code
@Model Menu.ModelTest
<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width" />
@foreach (var menuLevel1 in ViewBag.MenuLevel1)
@if (menuLevel1.Child.Count > 0)
@foreach (var menuLevel2 in menuLevel1.Child)

its working fine and did the good job , Now i want to create a Partial View of that because i want this menu to be called or placed any where any time how to do that .

Basically i am newby in MVC i want the layout file just like a master page in and i want the menu to be dynamic in this layout file. any help please , I know about partial views but a partial view which is dynamic i mean which shows data from database and having controller action method as well how to call that

What I have tried:

I have tried to create a partial view strongly type from menu table and then html.Partial("ViewName") it did not work
Updated 12-May-16 7:18am

1 solution

I am not sure if you really have a partial view or you are using the existing "View" to be rendered as partial view.
The Razor syntax to render a partial view is


I think you are creating a "View" and rendering it as you render a "Partial View". A partial view is a special reusable view and it is placed inside "Shared" folder. When you create a view you will have to check "Create as Partial View" checkbox.

Check this link[^] for a complete process of creating and rendering partial view.

Hope it helps.
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Malikdanish 12-May-16 9:43am    
Dear As i stated i have download a project in which in the _Layout view it is calling a partial view for menu item but it is static view i want the menu to be dynamic comes from database table using the entity data model , How to call a partial view having a controller action as well ?

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