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I want to drag a link from a browser to my application and pick up both the url and the title/name associated with it.
I can read the url easily enough:
object o = data.GetData(typeof(string));
if (o != null)
    if (data.GetDataPresent(DataFormats.Html, true))
       String htmlsnippet = (string)data.GetData(DataFormats.Html);
       processHtml(htmlsnippet); // test code that looks at the html contents
       pasteText((String)o);     // pastes the url into my app - want title too!

The problem is that the html rarely contains the title.
For example
drag this into my app and I see the url
and the htmp snippet is:

<a href=\"\"></a><!--EndFragment-->

However if I drag this link from my browser to my desk top the short-cut is
called 'BBC News - Home'

Similarly try and the shortcut is labelled ' International -
Breaking, World ...'

Can anyone help me find the title information? I don't want to retrieve the page as this will slow down the drag and drop, and anyway drag to desktop doesn't do this since it works if you go off-line and then drag a link from the browser to desktop.

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Updated 15-Sep-10 6:22am

1 solution

MemoryStream fgdStream = (MemoryStream)e.Data.GetData("FileGroupDescriptor");
byte[] fgdBytes = new byte[fgdStream.Length];
fgdStream.Read(fgdBytes, 0, fgdBytes.Length);

StringBuilder fileName = new StringBuilder();

for (int i = 76; i < fgdBytes.Length; i++)
    if (fgdBytes[i] != 0)
MessageBox.Show(fileName.Remove(fileName.Length - 4,4).ToString());

(the Remove part is because the name ends in ".URL")
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Chrysogon 15-Sep-10 13:26pm    
That works great. Thank you so much!
Chrysogon 16-Sep-10 2:33am    
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