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I have a website whose source code cannot be changed.It has several forms which has repetitive fields so for reducing manual filling of repetitive fields i want auto fill functionality.I will have another website from where data will be stored and this data is used to fill form on first website. can anyone please suggest the possible ways.

What I have tried:

i have tried using javascript but was not able to do because of absence of source code.
Updated 19-May-16 6:22am
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 14-May-16 14:39pm    
If you cannot modify the Web site, none of your concerns are even relevant. It works as it works, that's all.

If you are not filling in data but use some client-side software to operate on those existing pages, it's also nearly irrelevant, because you can send any HTTP request at all, without filling in any data at all. Besides, there are products automating such work, but you did not mention that you are developing something like this, so I'm not sure if you need an advice on this topic.

And, finally, auto-fill from the stored data is the usual functionality of some browsers. This is up to the customers, who decide what to use.

The main problem with this question is that we don't know what's your personal role in this story. What do you want to achieve? If you want to improve your own filling-in experience, this would be pretty much off-topic question. If you want to improve experience of your customer, the question is irrelevant because the site is already developed and you cannot change it. If you develop some client-side software project unrelated to this particular site (which you cannot modify), it would be good if you explained it.

diksha30 14-May-16 23:17pm    
I already have a website which is completely developed and whose source code is not available for changes.There is a long set of form fields which needs to be filled.Many form fields requires same answers.So to avoid this manual filling of repetitive fields, I want auto fill functionality. What I am thinking of doing, I will make one other website which will have form with just required fields.this data will be stored somewhere.This data will be used to fill the form fields in my already developed website.So I wanted to ask by any means is it possible.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 14-May-16 23:26pm    
You don't understand what you are talking about. I already asked, "filling by who?" Your customers? Let's say, you already developed a "bad" site and you cannot change it. That's it. You cannot make if good.

Of course you can develop another Web site, which could provide better user experience. But then using the old site through it would be a remarkable abuse. Also, you should understand that a Web site is not filling anything on a client side, no matter what it is. You only can relay "new" HTTP requests to the requests to the "old" site, generating some additional data on the fly. Yes, you can, but… this is so abominate that I don't even want to discuss those "buts"…

Also, the whole situation where you think that you cannot modify old site; and yet you think that you can create a brand new site and direct the users to it, instead of the old one. Do you understand what is that? This is the organizational anti-pattern.

ZurdoDev 19-May-16 12:49pm    
Actually, I think you are misunderstanding OP. All the OP wants to do is fill out a webform via code, to automate it. That's very simple.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 19-May-16 13:04pm    
I think I'm not misunderstanding it, I'm not understanding.

I do understand that it is for automating.
To automate filling data in available site, you need another application which automates it. Do you understand what this application should be? Now read the previous inquirer's comment and see "I will make one other website". Another Web site used to automate some original Web site, seriously? :-)

Can you see my point now?


If you can not touch the code (you have not code as I understood from comments), you can not do nothing...
Even for the most basic version of auto complete, you have to edit the HTML code (attribute of the input element[^])... and for more sophisticated completition, you will need code on the server or the client...
So - no way!
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ZurdoDev 19-May-16 12:23pm    
I believe OP wants to fill in the form via code.
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 19-May-16 12:28pm    
Maybe you right, but as long as OP can't touch the code the answer is the same - no way...
ZurdoDev 19-May-16 12:31pm    
No, not at all. You can write code to automate filling in web forms. A simple google search yielded the link I posted in my solution. It's not hard at all.
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 19-May-16 12:33pm    
Pay attention to the opening: I have a website whose source code cannot be changed.
ZurdoDev 19-May-16 12:38pm    
I'm not sure where the disconnect is, but if the user just wants to automate the filling in of a web form (which I believe he does) then the opening statement means nothing.
Here is a video tutorial of how to do this in VB. Visual Basic: HOW TO Auto Fill Out Web Forms - YouTube[^]
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you have to edit the html code to use autofill basically.
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ZurdoDev 19-May-16 12:23pm    
I believe OP wants to fill in the form via code.

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