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hello friends I have an problem in my windows application.
I have one listview. when user select any row on that listview than that selected row contents must be display in others combo box.

What I have tried:

my code is here. but it will show error:

lbl_id.Text = listView1.SelectedItems[0].Text;

I have done same task with data grid view on below code and its working . but its grid view and now I wanted it on list view
txt_card.Text = (dataGridView1.Rows[index].Cells["column_name"].Value.ToString());
Updated 18-May-16 11:00am
Animesh Datta 16-May-16 8:30am
what error comes ?
Karthik_Mahalingam 16-May-16 8:34am
what is the error message
CPallini 16-May-16 8:38am
Did you read (about the SelectedItems property):
This property is meant to be used when SelectionMode does not equal Single. If the selection mode is Single the correct property to use is SelectedItem.
Maciej Los 16-May-16 13:15pm
Carlo, do you remember your answer to this question:
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 16-May-16 16:51pm
You cannot unconditionally do so, because it will throw exception when nothing is selected.

the error is as per below :
argument out of range exception
invalid argument=value of 0 is not a valid of index
Patrice T 18-May-16 16:45pm
this is not a solution
Use Improve question to update your question.
and delete.
argument out of range exception
invalid argument=value of 0 is not a valid of index
This message have 2 possible origins.
-Either there was a fail and the variable do contain NULL instead of the expected object.
-Or the list object you try to access is smaller than you expect and you try access an element than do not exist.
lbl_id.Text = listView1.SelectedItems[0].Text;

For example, what is the size of SelectedItems if there is no selection ?
You will have to check its size in case it is 0.

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