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I am unable to select dropdown value when i created it dynamically.

var ddlValidation = $("<select id='ddlValidation'/>");
 $(ddlValidation ).append("<option value=1>" + "Value1" + "</option>");
$(ddlValidation ).append("<option value=2>" + "Value2" + "</option>");
$(ddlValidation ).append("<option value=3>" + "Value3" + "</option>");
$(ddlValidation ).append("<option value=4>" + "Value4" + "</option>");

$(ddlValidation ).val(2);

Here i am unable to select Value2.

Please suggest.
Updated 27-May-16 2:13am

try this, tested working..
No need to apply jquery to an existing jquery object

<html lang="en-US">
    <script src="jquery.min.js"></script>
        $(function () { 
            var ddlValidation = $("<select id='ddlValidation'/>");
            ddlValidation.append("<option value=1>" + "Value1" + "</option>");
            ddlValidation.append("<option value=2>" + "Value2" + "</option>");
            ddlValidation.append("<option value=3>" + "Value3" + "</option>");
            ddlValidation.append("<option value=4>" + "Value4" + "</option>");

     <div id="divmain">
$(ddlValidation ).val('2');
Prasad Avunoori 19-May-16 10:24am
Thank you @F-ES Sitecore.

But, This is didn't work.
F-ES Sitecore 19-May-16 11:01am
It worked for me. Obviously I made the assumption that you were adding the select to the page after you'd created it, it's pointless posting only a small snippet of code and not explaining the problem or the context and if a solution doesn't help you just say it "doesn't work".

You'll need to explain in more detail.
Anil_goswami 6-Jun-16 2:01am
This worked for me too !. You should post more detailed code. Problem must be somewhere else in code.

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