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Hi All,

Do any of you worked in nHibernate in, If so please share the sample application for that.

I think NHibernate is one of the most well designed ORM framework. I will go with it anytimes (except for small projects as noted by digital linq2Sql seems better here). I actually did 4 big projects on Nhibernate and the results and performance was better than good.

Check this site to learn NHibernate by code samples[^]
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make quick google can have some good links...which can give you a good no of codes and implementation guidelines. Have a look in the following links:[^][^][^]
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Not for a while; is overkill for small applications (Linq2Sql would be a better choice) and is quite a bit of work to get going (that may have changed). See here: NHibernate[^] for samples, etc. Also look at EF4[^]
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I've been using FluentNHibernate which I prefer, but the support on their website is non-existent.

I've been meaning to put up a FluentNHIbernate article for a while, you might just have given me the kick up the ass I needed.

I'd agree with digital man that it's overkill for simple apps, but it's worth figuring out because the whole repository/persistence ignorance concept is very powerful.

I find that even though I don't necessarily use NHibernate commercially it has changed the way I construct my own data layers.

Sorry I don't have the sample ready to go, but I'll put an article up shortly.

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