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Hello Everyone

I want to code to transfer a file from one computer to another computer through network in c#

Can anyone help me

Thanks In Advance
Updated 10-Jan-19 22:03pm

To copy file from one machine to another through LAN, you need some share folder on destination machine.
Then you can access it using following syntax

System.IO.File.Copy("sourcePath", "\\machinename\share folder path");

//but if you want to paste it on specific drive then you can use following code
System.IO.File.Copy("sourcePath", "\\machinename\DriveLetter$\folder name");
//e.g. System.IO.File.Copy("D:\\test.txt", "\\machinename\E$\test\test.txt");
.net developer123456789 26-May-16 5:28am
Thanks a lot..Now working
koolprasadd 26-May-16 5:49am
Please share you code, so that we can help you
.net developer123456789 26-May-16 5:54am
The file '\\Test-PC\UploadTest\test.txt' already exists.
please any idea ?
koolprasadd 26-May-16 6:08am
Do you want to replace existing file ?
.net developer123456789 26-May-16 6:05am
Code Here :

public static void UploadShareFile(string strfilename)
string fileName = Path.GetFileName(strfilename);
System.IO.File.Copy(strfilename, "\\\\Admin-PC\\Upload\\" + fileName);

catch (Exception ex)
WriteToErrorFile("UploadShareFile Method Error on: {0} " + ex.Message);
koolprasadd 26-May-16 6:08am
Do you want to replace existing file ?
.net developer123456789 26-May-16 6:42am
Yes,please help me
koolprasadd 26-May-16 7:02am
Just pass 'true' to copy function, it will helps to overwrite exiting file. see below
// Copy one file to a location where there is a file already exist
File.Copy("file-a.txt", "file-b.txt", true); // overwrite = true
.net developer123456789 26-May-16 7:32am
koolprasadd 26-May-16 7:33am
If it resolve your issue.. then accept this as solution
Basically, it's just a case of calling File.Move: File.Move Method (String, String) (System.IO)[^] and providing the source and destination paths.
The problems occur if the remote machine requires a login, in which case the simplest solution is to create a "virtual disk" on your PC which is connected to the folder on the remote PC (I do this to my NAS to make everything simpler, and connect "drive letters" to a number of different folders for various purposes). You can do this in Windows Explorer, via the "Map network drive" option of the network context menu.
If you don't, then you probably need to use impersonation:
WindowsIdentity wid = new WindowsIdentity(username, password);
WindowsImpersonationContext context = wid.Impersonate();

File.Move(pathToSourceFile, "\\\\Server\\Folder");

.net developer123456789 26-May-16 4:58am
I got error something like this :- The name provided is not a properly formed account name.
OriginalGriff 26-May-16 5:05am
Probably, your username is in the wrong format: it should be "user@domain"
Member 13968693 13-Sep-18 22:43pm
In this line: WindowsImpersonationContext context = wid.Impersonate();
I got this error: System.Reflection.TargetException: Error in the application.

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