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public int UpdateMC(Guid id
         , string description
         , decimal score
         , string optionA
         , string optionB
         , string optionC
         , string optionD
         , int optionAnswer
         , bool allowUploadAttachment = false
         , byte[] optionAImage = null
         , byte[] optionBImage = null
         , byte[] optionCImage = null
         , byte[] optionDImage = null
         , string optionAImageFileExtension = null
         , string optionBImageFileExtension = null
         , string optionCImageFileExtension = null
         , string optionDImageFileExtension = null
         , bool clearOptionAImage = false
         , bool clearOptionBImage = false
         , bool clearOptionCImage = false
         , bool clearOptionDImage = false
         , byte[] image = null
         , string imageFileExtension = null
         , bool clearImage = false
         , byte[] attachment = null
         , string attachmentFileExtension = null
         , bool clearAttachment = false){}

I have some methods like above. The parameters are properties of a class, but those methods will take different combo to process,(I mean, some methods will only take a few of them, but some will take almost all). My question is: should I wrap them into on object and then pass that to the method? Because it's obviously a bit too long if I seperate them. Is there any difference of theses two way to pass parameters? Which is more efficient or more standard?

What I have tried:

[nothing needs to be tried here at the moment.]
Updated 29-May-16 23:42pm

1 solution

For that many parameters, I'd probably use a class - and I'd probably create one which held option, optionImage, optionImageFileExtension, and clearOptionImage, and use params to pass a number of them through:
public int UpdateMC(Guid Id, string description, decimal score, int optionAnswer, params MyClass[] options)

And if some need all of the parameters, I'd probably create a class that held them all:
public class MyParameterClass
         public string description {get; set;}
         public decimal score {get; set;}
         public int optionAnswer {get; set;}
         public bool allowUploadAttachment {get; set;}
         public byte[] image{get; set;}
         public string imageFileExtension {get; set;}
         public bool clearImage {get; set;}
         public byte[] attachment {get; set;}
         public string attachmentFileExtension {get; set;}
         public bool clearAttachment {get; set;}
         public List<MyClass> options {get; set;}
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