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Hello Guys,

I'm trying to write a code in C++ to fetch users from local administrators group. While compiling I get a linker error saying
D:\Reference\CCPP\Get Local Admin Users\main.o	main.c:(.text+0x68): undefined reference to `NetLocalGroupGetMembers'

lmaccess.h file do have a declaration for this function. Not getting where it is going wrong.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <windows.h>
#include <lmaccess.h>

int main(int argc, char **argv)
	LPCWSTR servername = NULL;
	LPCWSTR *localgroupname = (LPCWSTR *)"Administrators";
	LPBYTE *bufptr;
	LPDWORD entriesread;
	LPDWORD totalentries;
	RET = NetLocalGroupGetMembers(servername, *localgroupname, LEVEL, bufptr, MAX_PREFERRED_LENGTH, entriesread, totalentries, 0);
	return 0;

What I have tried:

Verified that lmaccess.h has the declaration for the function "NetLocalGroupGetMembers".
Updated 31-May-16 2:34am

1 solution

See the MSDN for the used function at NetLocalGroupGetMembers function (Windows)[^]. It states that the function is located in the Netapi32.dll. So you have to link your application against that DLL. The simplest solution is using a pragma statement in one of your source files (see also comment (C/C++)[^]):
#pragma comment(lib, "Netapi32")

Alternatively add it to your project using the project settings.
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Darshan Parab 31-May-16 8:50am    
Hi Jochen,

Do I need to add pragma statement in header file or my code itself?
I tried adding it at the beginning of the code. It doesn't help.

Darshan G. Parab
Jochen Arndt 31-May-16 8:59am    
Using that pragma statement will only work with the Microsoft compiler (VisualStudio). I just noticed that you are probably using GCC or MinGW (indicated by the error message).

Then you have to specify the library using the -l<libname> option (append -lNetapi32 to your compiler command). It may be also necessary to specify the library path with the -L option (the path to your Windows SDK library folder).
Darshan Parab 1-Jun-16 6:36am    
Hi Jochen,

I used -lNetapi32 option while compiling and that solved the issue. Thanks for your guidance.

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