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Hi everyone,

i have a problem to Delphi.

my project have one form which is named ufrmBilgi,
one functions which is named UScale.

i want to access uFrmBilgi's checkbox check value in uscale

how can i access?

What I have tried:

searcing google
lookinhg documnet
but these isnt work
Updated 15-Jun-16 6:01am

I've got to guess at the name of the check box but what you probably want is


You can see what the CheckBox is called in the declaration of uFrmBilgi in case it is something different.

It is slightly more complicated if your function UScale is not part of uFrmBilgi because then Delphi won't know which form you are talking about (there might be more than one thing called CheckBox1. In which case you can say


The next complication is if Delphi cannot find uFrmBilgi. This will probably be if you UScale is not in the same file as uFrmBilgi. In this case you have to add the name of the file to the uses clause in the file containing UScale. Just add the name of the file to the list of files after the statement Uses.

Hope that works!

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To answer many similar questions, I wrote and article on form collaboration for .NET; I also covered WPF. I did not bother to cover Delphi (which could also cover Free Pascal with Lazarus library LCL), but as Delphi is predecessor of .NET, you can easily apply the same principles.

So, try to read the article and understand it; if you know Delphi, you can easily catch the idea of the fairly trivial solution, even if you don't know C#: Many Questions Answered at Once — Collaboration between Windows Forms or WPF Windows.

If something is unclear, your follow-up questions will be welcome.

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