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I have a localhost with a simple html form ("test.html") and a program written in python ("") I'd like to do this:

1º: Pass the form's field submitted by the user to the program and make it run: "test.html" --> ""

2º: The program process that data and give an answer. I'd like to pass that answer to the html file to show it in localhost: "" --> "test.html"

What I have tried:

I read a flask and a Django's tutorial but I couldn't understand how to do exactly this... I read about "cgi", a python library which can get data from an html form but through an indepent script, (At least I understood this way) Is there a way, please?
Updated 4-Jun-16 3:15am
All right, Django is just one of the frameworks designed exactly for that. So, what's the problem?
First, make sure that the hosting platform/plan is set up to support Python and Django. Then learn it and do the development. The items you've listed are very, very basic. This is what all server-side technologies do, and a lot more.
Member 12564006 4-Jun-16 4:48am
Then maybe I didn't understand well that tutorial or not was so clear, could you please recommend me a good Django tutorial?
I don't know anything except what you can find yourself, sorry.
Member 12564006 4-Jun-16 10:13am
Ok, thanks for your help

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