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Stl function that notifies if a vector is contained in another vector but in any order ..
I mean
A{ 1,2,3,4,5,5,6,1}
B{2,1,6} C{5,5,1}
When you compare A and B it should return true bcs it is contained in it in any order..for C it should also be correct because C is conatined in A.(in any order).

One solution : sort them and check via includes( ) ..
Any other than this....

What I have tried:

I have tried one of the way i.e sort and then using includes() ... do the following thing...i mean is it possible in any other way?
Updated 5-Jun-16 21:48pm
Philippe Mori 6-Jun-16 18:07pm
Typically I would use something like a set for the source container and a loop...

1 solution

i mean is it possible in any other way?
Of course it is possible: iterating over the candidate vector (e.g. B) items, check if the item is contained in A. However you have to invalidate the items of A already matched (you could use another vector for the purpose).
shivam gohel 6-Jun-16 10:21am
ya!!! thankyou ..but i am asking that is it possible in any other way compulsory using
STL algorithms....?

SORRY for the incomplete question.

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