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ClickOnce deployment with NAant script?

I have a c# application for which I want to make an automated ClickOnce Deployment script.
I'm doing it with NAant together with a build file. It works fine, but I wonder if the way I've done it is the right way to go?!
Below you can see the relevant parts of the build file.
I especially wonder if it is correct to use the "New Application" and "New Deployment" switch should be used every time an update is done?!
Can anyone give me some input?

<!-- Copy all the files to the deploy folder -->
<echo message="Copying Application files from ${build.dir} to $${Deployment.dir}\${publish.version}." />
<delete dir="${Deployment.dir}\${publish.version}" failonerror="false" />
<mkdir dir="${Deployment.dir}\${publish.version}" />
<copy todir="${Deployment.dir}\${publish.version}" overwrite="true" includeemptydirs="true" >
    <fileset basedir="${build.dir}">
        <includes name="**" />
<!-- Creating Application Manifest -->
<echo message="Creating application manifest ${Deployment.dir}\${publish.version}\Application.exe.manifest." />
<exec program="mage" commandline="-New Application -t ${Deployment.dir}\${publish.version}\Application.exe.manifest -fd ${build.dir} -Name Application -Version ${publish.version}" />
<exec program="mage" commandline="-Sign ${Deployment.dir}\${publish.version}\Application.exe.manifest -CertFile Application.pfx -Password pwd_Application" />
<!-- Creating Deployment Manifest -->
<echo message="Creating deployment manifest ${Deployment.dir}\${publish.version}\Application.exe.manifest." />
<exec program="mage" commandline='-New Deployment -t ${Deployment.dir}\Application.application -pu ${publish.url}\Application.application -Name Application -i true -appm ${Deployment.dir}\${publish.version}\Application.exe.manifest -Version ${publish.version}' />
<exec program="mage" commandline="-Update ${Deployment.dir}\Application.application -MinVersion ${publish.version} -UseManifestForTrust true -Publisher MyCompany" />
<exec program="mage" commandline="-Sign ${Deployment.dir}\Application.application -CertFile Application.pfx -Password pwd_Application" />
Updated 17-Sep-10 0:19am

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