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I am now connecting through university database with many times shutdowns and we have to sit back until the server starts again.

Now i am Login to database engine through

Login: sa
Password: dbase

But i wanna offline connection or even wanna leave this process and want to use window authentication.

What I have tried:

I tried Windows Authentication but failed.
Updated 15-Jun-16 22:17pm
RedDk 16-Jun-16 12:46pm
Get SQL Server 2008 Express with Advanced Tools (etc) from Microsoft site ... download it, install it, learn to use it (download the BOL as well ... cornupcopia of exemplary behaviors in this), then "table up" (sp = copy the data from the mothership, do as you would with it, locally).

1 solution

You can't.
SQL Server is a server based database management system - it requires a server to be running and accessible when you try to use the DB. If the connection is missing, you cannot access the DB at all, because you have to go via SQL server. Windows Authentication won't help that - and it's probably not going to work even when the server is up and running.

There are ways you can use a database that don't require SQL Server, but they pretty much are single user systems using a database on your local machine instead of one that can be shared by your fellow students. For this kind of work, look at SqLite, Access, or even SQLCE. Or, you could install a copy of SQL Server on your local computer and use that instead, then "update" the remote DB when it is available. The update part can get extremely complicated though, so it will need some careful thought. MS provide SQL Server Express for this kind of development, which is free to use.
Stack Holder 16-Jun-16 6:01am
Can you help in window authentication connection?
OriginalGriff 16-Jun-16 6:11am
You almost certainly can't - this is a university database and it's probably not configured to accept WA connections, as it doesn't know who you are!
Check with the college techies - they will probably tell you that.
Mind you, I'm amazed they give you all the "sa" login, given it's normally a SuperUser that can do anything, so their competence has to be questioned somewhat anyway...
And WA connection won't improve the uptime, it's just a different way to log in to the same server over the same network.
Stack Holder 18-Jun-16 18:45pm
Thanks alot to you all.I have got over my problem,i have just uninsalled sql 2008 and install sql 2012.During it's installition i have sit my work to Windows Authentication.

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