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I have a question about how the calculate angles between coordinates / lines.
I have four labels filled with XY coordinates comma delimited.
Which C# code should I use to get the desired value in Label_Angle_Result

Preferred route
Fixed Point A . Label_FP_A . X,Y
Fixed Point B . Label_FK_B . X,Y

Measured point of GPS
GPS Point A . Label_GPS_A . X,Y
GPS Point B . Label_GPS_B . X,Y

Angle Label_Angle_Result . number

What I have tried:

I look in the CAD solutions but I have not found anything good here in connection..
Updated 20-Jun-16 0:33am
BillWoodruff 20-Jun-16 7:09am    
are you working with a "flat space," or some form of projection (mercator, spherical, etc.) ? An angle value makes "sense" only when you know the structure of the co-ordinate system that is the context in which the angle exists.
RedDk 20-Jun-16 11:50am    
See haversine formula ...

1 solution

As you have 3 components we are talking about vectors in the 3D space (Why?)...
To calculate the angle you have to know two things:

1. Dot product of two vectors...
$\vec{a} \cdot \vec{b}$

Which is
$(a_{x} + a_{y} + a_{z}) \times (b_{x} + b_{y} + b_{z})$

2. The magnitude of the vectors...
$\parallel \vec{a} \parallel$

Which is
$\sqrt{a_{x}^{2} + a_{y}^{2} + a_{z}^{2}}$

Then you can compute the cosinus of the angle, which is reversible...
$\cos(\theta) = \frac{\vec{a} \cdot \vec{b}} { ||\vec{a}|| \times ||\vec{b}||}$


In 2D space it is much more simple:
$\cos(\theta) = \vec{a} \cdot \vec{b}$
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MaikelO1 20-Jun-16 6:33am    
Stom! ik werk in WGS84 dat is 2D..
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 20-Jun-16 6:41am    
I'm definitely stupid not noticing that...So obvious form your sample...
I'm so stupid that I even know that the cosinus of the angle between two 2D vectors is the dot product of the vectors...(see above)
MaikelO1 20-Jun-16 7:12am    
forgot to translate, sorry .. " stupid of me, I work in WGS84 so I have then no z value" tnxs for your help
CPallini 22-Jun-16 2:34am    
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 22-Jun-16 2:36am    
Thank you...
(It should go to Chris, who fixed the math in less than 24 hours...)

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