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In a HTML file, I set a session variable's value using JavaScrip (in which the session.js is loaded from"):
  var ar = ['ID', 'pID', 'cID', 'name', 'type', 'access', 'desc', 'comment', 'lat', 'lon', 'contractName'];
  var monument = Session.get("monument") || {
      rec: []
Session.set("monument", ar);

Then, clicking a button to direct to another aspx page. In this aspx's code-behind, I tried to retrieve the session's value,
var sValue = Session["monument"];

but got
not defined.
How can this session's value be retrieved? Thanks.

What I have tried:

How to get Session variable value on another aspx page?
Updated 21-Jun-16 8:29am
ZurdoDev 20-Jun-16 12:10pm    
var sValue = Session["monument"]; is the right way to get it. This means it is not being set.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 20-Jun-16 12:18pm    
Right. It could be just the matter of the order of operations. It it is not defined, it should not be a problem.
s yu 20-Jun-16 12:30pm    
Before I click the HTML button to re-direct to the aspx, I retrieve the value by Session.get("monument") in the Immediate Window. It does display exactly the array values. Then, the Page_Load() of the aspx, Session["monument"] is null. Any additional advisory to figure out the reason? Thanks.
ZurdoDev 20-Jun-16 12:39pm    
Session.get("monument") is in JavaScript so I have no idea what it does nor do I trust it.

How are you re-directing to the other page?
s yu 20-Jun-16 13:44pm    
Using an alternative approach, now I can pass the session value to another page. The description is below:
1) In 1st aspx, create a hidden variable.
2) In the 1st aspx, set a session variable's value;
3) In a button click event (in JavaScript), Set the hidden variable = session variable's value.
4) After 3), fire document.getElementById('<%=Button2.ClientID%>').click();
5) In the code-behind: Button2_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) {
Session["monument"] = HiddenField.Value;
6) When 2.aspx is open, the Session["monument"]'s value can then be retrieved.
Thanks for your review and response.

1 solution

To get? You probably can. But to set? You can't, JavasSript is used for client side scripting on the browser, and cannot access a Session object from a server. JavaScript runs in the clients browser, your Session object is exposed by the server. There's disconnected space between them.

However, you can connect JavaScript to a web service, and inside the web service you can return data from your source to the JavasSript method.

If you're lazy you could store the value in a HiddenField instead so you can easily access it in your JavaScript code. Or use the dirty way like this to get the value:

<script type="text/javascript">
    var sessionValue = '<%= Session["Test"] %>';

The <%= variable %> is a databinding expression that binds server-side variable value to client. Note that that will only work if you are passing a value (get a value from server). It won't work for setting value from your JavaScript. That's why I still prefer using an AJAX call or a HiddenField.
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