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I have to build a simple app with a counter and wanted to add a graphic timer similar to that of Windows App Timer 10.

What control should I use?

<img src="" alternative="Sample">

What I have tried:

I don't have found anything like this in WPF standar controls
Updated 22-Jun-16 4:15am

Use DispatchTimer in WPF - reference tutorial[^] here
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Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 22-Jun-16 9:32am    
Which Control to use is your question? - but not about how to implement the timer im WPF, correct? (CHill60's link is good)
Forget about controls in WPF, despite a few Default ones like Button or TextBox i hardly use them - why? - just create your own with templating, Styling, composition or code or whatever you see fit.

From the example you showed in the picture I'd say:
Create an UserControl with some layout panel(Grid) and some default controls bound to simple (ViewModel)-properties, or if you don't use MVVM with some DependencyProperties...
Then compose the desired view of simple subcontrols:
* some or one TextBlock for the time
* animated circle (ellipse) or graphics-path (have a look at any WPF spinner Control to find possible ways how to do this)
* Some Buttons with Special style or just Images...
* Some more TextBlocks

Thats it - and this is the reason why the default WPF-Control library is so spartanic... there is hardly a use for them...
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Ok, I have find this solution.

How to progress bar spinner

Oooh fly! It's very very complicated develop something different from the of standard

Thank's for all.
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