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hi everybody, someone knows how i can get a certificate from usb token using cryptoapi calls in c#, recently I could to get just for certificate store, but now I want to get from any usb token or card reader, without install the certificate, in advance thanks...

What I have tried:

public class MyCerts

static int CERT_STORE_PROV_SYSTEM = 10;
private static int CERT_SYSTEM_STORE_CURRENT_USER = (1 << 16);
//private static int CERT_SYSTEM_STORE_LOCAL_MACHINE = (2 << 16);

[DllImport("CRYPT32", EntryPoint = "CertOpenStore", CharSet = CharSet.Unicode, SetLastError = true)]
public static extern IntPtr CertOpenStore(
int storeProvider, int encodingType,
int hcryptProv, int flags, string pvPara);

[DllImport("CRYPT32", EntryPoint = "CertEnumCertificatesInStore", CharSet = CharSet.Unicode, SetLastError = true)]
public static extern IntPtr CertEnumCertificatesInStore(
IntPtr storeProvider,
IntPtr prevCertContext);

[DllImport("CRYPT32", EntryPoint = "CertCloseStore", CharSet = CharSet.Unicode, SetLastError = true)]
public static extern bool CertCloseStore(
IntPtr storeProvider,
int flags);

X509Certificate2Collection m_certs;

public MyCerts()
m_certs = new X509Certificate2Collection();

public string Init()
IntPtr storeHandle;
IntPtr currentCertContext;
currentCertContext = CertEnumCertificatesInStore(storeHandle, (IntPtr)0);
int i = 0;
while (currentCertContext != (IntPtr)0)
m_certs.Insert(i++, new X509Certificate2(currentCertContext));
currentCertContext = CertEnumCertificatesInStore(storeHandle, currentCertContext);

CertCloseStore(storeHandle, 0);
return "Cantidad de certificados encontrados: " + m_certs.Count.ToString();
catch (Exception ex)
return ex.ToString();


public List<infofirma> getCollection_Name()
List<infofirma> lista_certificados = new List<infofirma>();
int cont = 0;
foreach (var col in m_certs)
InfoFirma cer = new InfoFirma();
cer.nombre_cert = col.GetNameInfo(X509NameType.SimpleName, true);
cer.nume_cert = cont;

return lista_certificados;

public X509Certificate2 getCert(int pos)

return m_certs[pos];

public X509Certificate2 this[int index]
// Check the index limits.
if (index < 0 || index > m_certs.Count)
return null;
return m_certs[index];
Member 10299249 6-Feb-18 1:05am
here what is infofirma
Member 11836800 2-Apr-20 14:41pm
Hi, Have you got solution? if yes please send me solution

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