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ok so i have a problem where like that its working(on ipv4 address and local address):
IPAddress ipaLocal = ipAddress;
tlsClient = new TcpListener(1986);

and like that its not working on ipv4 address:
int port = 1986;
IPAddress ipaLocal = ipAddress;
tlsClient = new TcpListener(ipaLocal,port);

its because its not suppose to work with ipv4 address and with only local address?
and another thing is that i made is that you can close your server and relisten to clients without close the app but there is an error where its says: "only usage of each socket address is allowed", i checked in all the code and found nothing that have been left open.
thank for your time and help!!
the code:[C#] chat server -[^]
its based on a chat that i found on the internet.

What I have tried:
Updated 22-Jun-16 18:36pm

1 solution

only local address:
var tcpListener = new TcpListener(IPAddress.Parse(""), 1986);

or working on any IPv4 address:
var tcpListener = new TcpListener(IPAddress.Any, 1986);
Member 12181103 23-Jun-16 4:20am
but then how can i know what is the ip?
like how i set my own ip?
and what about my second problem?
ty for help!

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