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When i try query data is like this

data from above query
VName	           (No column name)
abc				1
abc				1
dfg				1
dfg				1
dfg				1
dfg				1
dfg				1
dfg				1
abc				1
abc				1
abc				1
dfg				1
abc				1
abc				1
DPSCB	     			1
MV				1
MV				1
MV				1
MV				1
MV				1
MV				1
MV				1

now i want data like this

What I have tried:

query which i tried
Select tblVV.ID,VName,COUNT(VName)
from tblVV
join tblRV on tblVV.MID = tblRV .ID
group by

how to get data this data
abc     7
dfg     7
MV      7
        3 (this is empty but i have to count this also )

columns in tblvv

ID MID VName Speed Name

columns in tblrv

ID FFID OName regno City

ID     MID     VName     Speed Name
1	2	abc
2	3	abc
3	51	abc
4	67	
5	56	dfg
6	45	dfg
7	34	MV
8	24	MV <pre>

AND so on 
<pre lang="SQL">
ID        FFID    OName  regno     City
1	106	Peter	AJ-29	  uk
2	105	Max	AVL-91	 US
3	104	John	AVL-995	 US
4	148	M Jon P	AVL-97	 uk
5	109	sAR	AM-713	 US
6	102	dAVID	ASJ-9	 uk <pre>
Updated 24-Jun-16 0:07am
CHill60 24-Jun-16 4:48am
What data is on tblVV and tlbRV? Give samples of the original data not your query result
super_user 24-Jun-16 4:55am
check update please i post columns of both tables
CHill60 24-Jun-16 4:57am
And some sample data?...
super_user 24-Jun-16 5:33am
CHill60 24-Jun-16 5:48am
What is the link between tblVV and tblRV? In your query you are joining on a non-existent table tblRegionVehicles_Uni
super_user 24-Jun-16 5:59am
sorry this table tblRegionVehicles_Uni is same as tblRV .. check update and there is ID in both tables

1 solution

Your problem is that you have included ID in the GROUP BY.
Select VName,COUNT(VName) 
from tblVV
join tblRV on tblVV.MID = tblRV.ID
group by VName
ORDER BY ISNULL(VName, 'zzzz')

The isnull bit on the ORDER BY is just to get the null entry last

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