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in javascript i can convert or pass values to var a= <<%b%>;
but i cant able to convert <%b%>=var its getting error

What I have tried:

 for(var a=1;a<=intTextBox ;a++)  
var doct_id = parseFloat(array[a-1]);

<%int b;%>
<%b%> = doct_id;
Updated 25-Jun-16 5:12am

1 solution

There is no such thing. The question makes no sense, because var is a key word, not a data type, and there is no such thing as "int". There is nothing to convert. Perhaps you need to understand JavaScript type system, which is based on a kind of "loose-type paradigm". Please see, in particular:
JavaScript data types and data structures — JavaScript,
typeof — JavaScript.

Anyway, assuming the variables you use in your code are initialized as expected, it gives you correct code; for example, it could be
var array = [1.1, 2.2, 3.3];
var intTextBox = array.length;
// intTextBox is redundant,
// you could use array.length in the loop:

for (var a = 1; a <= intTextBox; a++) {
   var doct_id = parseFloat(array[a - 1]);

In other words, I did not see any problems in your code fragment; you just did not explain its context.


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