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I have imported some data from MS access to MS excel through SQL query in VBA. Now I want to update that data(In excel) by replacing empty cells with "0". Is there any way to do that using the same query??

What I have tried:

I have tried this using vba code. it works. But is there any way to do it in the same query??
Updated 26-Jun-16 21:29pm

1 solution

Yes, it's possible:

SELECT IIF(ISNULL([yourField]), 0, [yourField]) AS SomeField
FROM [tableName];

For further information, please see:
MS Access: IsNull Function[^]
MS Access: iif Function[^]
Member 12605284 27-Jun-16 3:55am
I want to update the result pasted in ms excel sheet. I think this code is for updating ms access sheet.
Maciej Los 27-Jun-16 4:01am
No, you don't. When you'd use above query, you'll see zeros instead of null values in Excel.
Member 12605284 27-Jun-16 4:07am
Can you tell me what should I put in [your field] section?? Thanks.
Member 12605284 27-Jun-16 5:01am
Got it. Thanks :)
Maciej Los 27-Jun-16 6:10am
I'm very glad. Can you accept my answer as a solution (green button) - formally to remove question from unanswered list?

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