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We are given a task to make Who Winked Me[^] responsive..we have done all the things but one is left.
we want to make the menu panel auto hide when any menu is selecetd.

What I have tried:

we worked very hard on this but we didn't reach to the goal....
Updated 30-Jun-16 3:25am
TheKarateKid 28-Jun-16 9:28am    
after selection if you hide the Menu panle, how do you want to unhide or make it visible again to select different menu ?

1 solution

I just checked your code present here :[^]

I can see you have used the below code for closing the menu on body click :-
$(".sidr-open #main-nav").click();

So, you can do the following to achieve the one you want.

1. Add hideMenu(); onclick method for all your menu list like :-

<a href="#Home" onclick="hideMenu();">...</a>
<a href="#About" onclick="hideMenu();">...</a>
<a href="#Share" onclick="hideMenu();">...</a>
<a href="#Screenshots" onclick="hideMenu();">...</a>
<a href="#Download" onclick="hideMenu();">...</a>
<a href="#Video" onclick="hideMenu();">...</a>
<a href="#Contact" onclick="hideMenu();">...</a>

2. Then add the definition for hideMenu() function like :-
function hideMenu() {
    $(".sidr-open #main-nav").click();

Done !! Now the menu bar will hide automatically on selecting any of the menu in the list.

Hope this will help you :).
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