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I have been trying to read a XML with the following structure

<SubNodeType1 Data2="Val2" Data1="Val1"/>
<SubNodeType1 Data2="Val2" Data1="Val1"/>
<SubNodeType1 Data2="Val2" Data1="Val1"/>
<SubNodeType2 Data2="Val2" Data1="Val1" Data4="Val4" Data3="Val3"/>
<SubNodeType2 Data2="Val2" Data1="Val1" Data4="Val4" Data3="Val3"/>

If i try to read this XML data i am able to see all the data from SubNodeType1 in the dataset.

Question is that can i override the dataset to receive all the data in the same dataset. Or any other way in which i can read SubNodeType1 and SubNodeType2 into 2 different datasets?

What I have tried:

XmlDocument xmlFile = new XmlDocument();
XmlNodeReader xmlReader = new XmlNodeReader(xmlFile);
DataSet ds = new DataSet();
ds.ReadXml(xmlReader, XmlReadMode.InferSchema);
Updated 29-Jun-16 11:41am
BillWoodruff 30-Jun-16 0:48am    
So, who/what created this XML, and designed its structure ? You ? It appears to lump together two different Types. If you add an example of the code that generates this XML, you might get better responses.
Rishav Prabhakar 30-Jun-16 13:51pm    
Well this is a suppliers XML format. Information regarding generation of file is not accessible to me.
If i can get SubNodeType1 and SubNodeType2 in 2 different datasets, I can work with that.

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