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i wrote some script for stop and start for a single service ..

#Change this values to suit your needs:

$SvcName = 'Spooler'
$SvrName = 'remotePC'

#Initialize variables:
[string]$WaitForIt = ""
[string]$Verb = ""
[string]$Result = "FAILED"
$svc = (get-service -computername $SvrName -name $SvcName)
Write-host "$SvcName on $SvrName is $($svc.status)"
Switch ($svc.status) {
    'Stopped' {
        Write-host "Starting $SvcName..."
        Write-host "$SvcName is started"
        $Verb = "start"
        $WaitForIt = 'Running'
    'Running' {
        Write-host "Stopping $SvcName..."
          Write-host "$SvcName is stopped"
        $Verb = "stop"
        $WaitForIt = 'Stopped'
    Default {
        Write-host "$SvcName is $($svc.status).  Taking no action."}

this script is fine for stop/start for one windows servcie . but i want to start/stop multiple services at a time in one server .

plz help some one 

What I have tried:

i tried for one service it is working successfully and i want to stop/start for multiple services at a time .

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