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I have two SQl Server Databases(Customer, Quotes) on the same server. I am building a winform that has several textboxes,comboboxes, checkboxes that is used to enter data into the quote db, It also has one textbox that is used to search the Customer(Id) db for a customer name. Once i find the particular customer i would like to add a newly created Quotes(CustomerId) against that Customer.

My question how could i marry the two together, using sql or entity framework.

An example of what im trying to do.
Enter Quote Data:
Product : Shoes
Quantity : 20
Search Customer db ........ Joe Bloggs Id 123
Found Customer ;
Insert Customer id and Quote info into Quote table on seperate db.

What I have tried:

Im able to query the Customer db to search for a customer.And seperately im able to insert data into Quotes db.
Updated 30-Jun-16 6:50am
Tomas Takac 30-Jun-16 6:44am
Just to make sure. Are you asking about how to do the two inserts in the same transaction?
BEBE2011 30-Jun-16 6:53am
Hi, Thanks for the reply, i edited my question, to try an make it clerer.
Kuthuparakkal 30-Jun-16 7:16am
We may need a database priest to conduct this marriage....
G3Coder 30-Jun-16 8:12am
Maybe if you explained what you mean by "marry"?
There will no easy referential integrity across the two separate databases, and if you want such a single database is the way forward. If not - just insert the data into the second database.
BEBE2011 30-Jun-16 8:41am
Sorry , i see know what i have done "Marry" was the wrong word to use.How can i query one db and insert into another db, uwhile passing in the id of the queried db.
Jim_Snyder 30-Jun-16 9:41am
For the second database, you need a fully qualified path.

1 solution

It's easy just create two connection strings.


public int GetId(){
using (SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection("CONNECTION STRING TO CUSTOMER DB")
 //logic to get id
public void Save(int customerId, object Quote){
using (SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection("CONNECTION STRING TO QUOTE DB")
 //logic to save quote with customer id

If you need to do it in transaction I recommend you to read some articles about that.
A Beginner's Tutorial for Understanding Transactions and TransactionScope in ADO.NET[^]

You are interested in distributed transactions.

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