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'Inherits problems ?
  Private Sub Button2_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button2.Click
        Dim form10 As New Form()

'use Inherits here for form10 

        Dim but As New Button
        but.Text = "Reply me "
    End Sub

What I have tried:

'Inherits problems i got no idea how to 'Inherits in this ?
Updated 6-Jul-16 20:05pm
Dave Kreskowiak 6-Jul-16 8:38am    
Your question makes no sense. Classes and Interfaces inherit from other classes and interfaces.

Methods do not inherit anything.

Users do not "inherit" anything either.

Perhaps a description of what you're trying to do with this might help?
Member 10974007 6-Jul-16 8:58am    
well am trying to use feel and look from form1
by inherits methord

"well am trying to use feel and look from form1
by inherits methord"

Well, you don't do it like that - you do it by deriving your form from Form1 instead of the basic Form class using Inherits: How to: Inherit Windows Forms[^] explains what it is all about.
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Maciej Los 7-Jul-16 1:58am    
Well, we have no idea what you mean by saying: "how to 'Inherits in this"...

I'd suggest to get back to basics:
Windows Forms Visual Inheritance[^]
Inheritance from a Base Class in Microsoft .NET[^]
Inheritance in Visual Basic[^]
When to Use Inheritance[^]
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