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I want solution in c# .net
Problem 1: I want to count the length of a string without using this code: (str.length.tostring();) or without any code. In my concept, first I want to take value from textbox
String str=textbox1.text; then I want to convert it in integer to count the textbox value
Int x=int32.parse(str);
Show code in my way.
Problem 2: I heard that integer returns string, then string returns what? Like when I add two values
Int x=convert.int32(textbox1.text);
Int y=convert.toint32(textbox2.text);
Similarly output should be =convert.int32(textbox3.text);
But why I need to convert it in strng=(x+y); though the output will be in integer.
Problem 3: without try catch method I want to show error while adding two numbers that if I put character or string in textbox1 or textbox2 as input, it will show error message that ”put integer”. I want it in if else method.
Every code or solution should be simple as I am beginner. And please give data type conversions when and how I can convert integer to string and vice versa and all conversions short example with explanation.

What I have tried:

i explained above and tried in my own concept.
Updated 13-Jul-16 20:37pm
Patrice T 14-Jul-16 1:14am    
Learn C# correctly. follow tutorials, the answers will come as you get understanding of the language.

1 solution

Integers an strings are different beasts.
The length of a string is NOT equal to the integer the string represents. For instance, the string "5" has length 1 while (of course) representing the integer 5. So the String.Length property and the Int32.Parse method serve a different purpose.
Assuming you want to implement a simple (e.g. just an adder) calculator you have to:
  • Convert the string representation of the numbers to the actual integers.
  • Perform the requested (and predefined) operation
  • convert back the result to a string in order to produce the output to the user
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