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I have created a web service which will do some long string calculation and will return result in json format . Also written a demo app to test that web service.

I have tested the web service on my local machine. Its working good when I used 64 bit compiler. For 32 bit it doesn't work well due to memory constraints.(I am fine with 62 bit compiler)

Issue: When I tried running my script on azure cloud. Its getting failed for heavy data calculation with error " Response status Code: does not indicate success: 502(Bad Gateway) "

I am unable to find reason for that.

Some Possibilities :

Do I require to turn any option to 64 bit explicitly for azure cloud.
By any chance timeout is happening, If yes then how to remove that

I am calling the web service through client.BaseAddress = new Uri("");

and local host through "http://localhost:56411/"

I have deployed as web app on azure.

What I have tried:

The problem is due to heavy load, so searching a way to turn the x64 setting on , Already tried with publishing on x64 Release. But it is of no use.
F-ES Sitecore 18-Jul-16 5:04am    
Are you sure load is the problem? Make your webmethod return a minimal hard-coded result and get that working first, if you can't get that working then load isn't the issue.
Member 12521288 18-Jul-16 5:06am    
Yeah, It is working fine for less data, only for heavy load it is showing error.

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