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I'm trying to port some vb6 code to and one object in a line of code is not assigned a value before it's used Here's the code

Public Function GetFileFullPath(ByVal hFile As Long) As String
    Dim objName         As UNICODE_STRING
    Dim hHeap           As Long
    Dim dwSize          As Long
    Dim dwDriversSize   As Long
    Dim pName           As Long
    Dim ntStatus        As Long
    Dim i               As Long
    Dim strDrives       As String
    Dim strArray()      As String
    Dim strDrive        As String
    Dim strTmp          As String
    Dim strTemp         As String
    hHeap = GetProcessHeap
    pName = HeapAlloc(hHeap, HEAP_ZERO_MEMORY, &H1000)
    ntStatus = NtQueryObject(hFile, ObjectNameInformation, pName, &H1000, dwSize)
    If (NT_SUCCESS(ntStatus)) Then
        i = 1
        Do While (ntStatus = STATUS_INFO_LEN_MISMATCH)
            pName = HeapReAlloc(hHeap, HEAP_ZERO_MEMORY, pName, &H1000 * i)
            ntStatus = NtQueryObject(hFile, ObjectNameInformation, pName, &H1000, ByVal 0)
            i = i + 1
    End If
    HeapFree hHeap, 0, pName
    strTemp = String$(512, Chr$(0))
    lstrcpyW strTemp, pName + Len(objName)

On the very last line, objName has not been initialized and I get then warning 'objName is used before it has been assigned a value.

Do you think the author meant Len(pName) ?


What I have tried:

I have a function that uses objName. Most of it is included in the post.
Updated 18-Jul-16 8:19am
Richard Deeming 18-Jul-16 14:18pm
From what I can see, NtQueryObject[^] is not a public API. It could be changed or removed from Windows without notice.

Based on the name of the function, I'm guessing you want to get the path of a file based on a file handle. You should probably be using GetFinalPathNameByHandle[^] to do that. (Obtaining a File Name From a File Handle[^])

If that's the converted code, then the converter has done a very poor job. There are several obvious problems with the code - for example, using On Error ... instead of Try .. Catch, using Long instead of IntPtr to represent a handle, etc.
Member 12333593 18-Jul-16 14:50pm
Thank you. You've helped a lot. And I actually removed the "On Error" shortly after I posted it, plus removed it from my code. I'll replace it with try/catch. Thanks also about the long instead of IntPtr.

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