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I am going to develop which will be web application as well as mobile (android / iOS / windows) application. The database in this application will be managed by Hibernate. Also as it is cross platform application, web service will also be used. What I know so far is:

*) POJO Files (the getter-setter ones which will create database tables)
*) Model (the java class which will interact with database)
*) Controller (basically servlet which will get data from view [jsp], set it in POJO object and pass this object to Model for any of CRUD operation)
*) View (the jsp pages)

*) Web service implementation class, which have web methods, which can be called by URL from client, and it can return JSON or XML format data.

So now my question is:
*) How to integrate these both? Should I put my all POJOs and Model files to web service? If no, than what to do in this situation? If yes, than how to do that (simple example)?

What I have tried:

I have tried using Hibernate and REST web services separately, but not together. And I have no clue how to do that.

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Jignesh Khatri 21-Jul-16 11:02am    
I am totally noob to spring framework!

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