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My wcf service was working properly.. UNTIL NOW.
I wanted to update my service but i turned out to be a disaster.
After the update all my operation contracts and data members are not visible.
Even the config file the service end points were missing.
What could be the problem? I am frustrated. What would be the solution?
I tried with all possible solutions i could get from the net and to no avail.
I tried even deleting the service and recreating the service , but ended up the same.

What I have tried:

Deleting the service reference and recreating it again.
Deleting the bin folder and rebuilding the solution.
Clean and rebuild all.
Updated 31-Jul-16 18:10pm
Patrice T 26-Jul-16 1:05am
Ask MS !
Yogi@FLG 26-Jul-16 2:08am
Then why should i post it here?
I want some answers from all possible sources.
Please reply only if u have an answer.
johannesnestler 26-Jul-16 9:45am
What you mean with "not visible"? What you mean with config... "missing"?
So you verified your code compiles and runs (without any WCF context)?
I'd go back a step and rule out all common/possible error sources. Start a simple Hosting, start by calling the Service with WcfTestClient or similar test-app to see if ABC is correct and Service is callable (no networkproblems whatever).
If I have to guess - I'd say serialization Problem (check all your datacontracts-what did you Change?)...
Yogi@FLG 27-Jul-16 0:49am
I had already had a wcf service which was running.
Let me say ABC for example. I wanted to update my service reference.
After i updated the service reference. All my data contracts and data members were gone woof... i don't know what happened actually.. all i did was adding some new data members in my existing data contract thats all.. when i debug my service class, the service is running normally. But after updating my service reference of ABC service, all the existing data contracts are not visible.. i mean they are removed from my service reference after the update.
The service app config generated for the service reference doesn't contain any end points after the service update.
What could be the possible problem behind this.
I even tried to revert back the changes and update again but with no use. the same thing is going to happen.
One way i figured solution to this problem is by deleting the project and recreating the same project once again. But in near future if it happens again i can't do the same thing again and again.

1 solution

Delete and recreate the project.....
Create the service reference once again...
This is the only possible solution that i could try..

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