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Hi ,

I am Passing a structure array from C# to (written in c++)com dll,
I am passing as ref a[1], array contains multiple values(a[2],a[3] contains data), while i am reading the data from com dll its only giving a[1] data if i try to read a[2] it is giving some garbage value.

Note: i allocated the memory using new operator( (structure type) []a = new (structure type) [5];)

Ex: int []a = new int[5];

Can anyone help me how to pass data from C# to com dll.

What I have tried:

I have tried by passing it as function(a[1], selecteditem, 0)

Above function is com dll loaded into c# by reference, for that function i need to pass the data from c#.
Updated 6-Sep-16 23:40pm

The primary problem is the memory layout in the different runtime, so my first and hard coded advice is to use only native values (int, double and char[]) in such structures. You cant transfer objects!!!
The second is to transfer read-only, that mean that each runtime copies the values one by one.

Read my article for such interfaces und dig into the source. You havent provided enough details of your structure.
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Vijay533 29-Jul-16 7:21am     CRLF
Thanks for the reply karstenk, Following are the details related to code. typedef struct tagOFFICEITEM { BSTR MS_TITLE; BSTR MS_AUTHOR; BSTR MS_COMPANY; BSTR MS_DATE_CREATED; BSTR MS_DATE_MODIFIED; BSTR MS_TIME_MODIFIED; BSTR MS_FROM; BSTR MS_TO; BSTR MS_CC; BSTR MS_BCC; BSTR MS_SUBJECT; BSTR MS_SENT; BSTR MS_TIME_SENT; BSTR MS_RECEIVED; BSTR MS_TIME_RECEIVED; BSTR MS_TIME_CREATED; BSTR Name; BSTR Attachments; long bReturn; } OFFICEITEM; This is my strucure. I am developing vsto adding using C#, From the c# i need to pass the above structure values to the COM dlls(written in C++). Below is the function i am using in c++ passMsOffice(tagOFFICEITEM* docs, LONG nTotalItems,LONG hWnd (not rewured this is 0))
Please see this Blog
Modifying an array of structures (default marshaling)[^]

hope it helps.

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